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The rod is equipped with inserts on both sides of the spool for smoother spooling. Also, you may tighten the nut or leave the nut a shade loose to make the spool work with a friction, which you may need for the bigger and stronger fish.
Polycarbonate blank

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Model RBU
Length 245 mm (9,45 in)
Diameter of the spool 50 mm (1.97 in)

Color Blue

Item: RBU-B

Price: $ 7.99

Color Green

Item: RBU-G

Price: $ 7.99

Color Red

Item: RBU-R

Price: $ 7.99

Color Yellow

Item: RBU-Y

Price: $ 7.99

Color Dark Purple

Item: RBU-F

Price: $ 7.99 (Not available)

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