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Lure AKARA «Croc» Action SH

Price: $ 5.99

The Akara Croc spoon is recommended for fishing in currents. Despite the long body, the spoon is known for stable action at any speed. It’s best used for salmon trolling.

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Model Croc 22 Croc 32
Size 85 mm (3,35 in) 85 mm (3,35 in)
Weight 22 g (7/9 oz) 32 g (1 9/70 oz)

Color AB60

Item: AC-85-22-AB60

Price: $ 5.99

Color AB59

Item: AC-85-22-AB59

Price: $ 5.99

Color AB57

Item: AC-85-22-AB57

Price: $ 5.99


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