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Lure AKARA «Laki» PZ

Price: $ 2.49

The Akara Laki spoon is a “weedless lure” for fishing in overgrown areas and/or other debris filled places. Indispensable when the fish are feeding in the grass and does not go out into the clear water.

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Model Laki
Size 70 mm (2,76 in)
Weight 15 g (9/17 oz)

Color O12

Item: BL-1908-15-012

Price: $ 2.49

Color O10

Item: BL-1908-15-010

Price: $ 2.49

Color OO6

Item: BL-1908-15-006

Price: $ 2.49

Color OO4

Item: BL-1908-15-004

Price: $ 2.49

Color 001/ GO

Item: BL-1908-15-001/GO

Price: $ 2.49

Color 001/CU

Item: BL-1908-15-001/CU

Price: $ 2.49


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