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Lure AKARA «River SALMON» Action SH

Price: $ 5.99

The original Akara River SALMON spoon has got a unique lure shape and it is designed to catch salmon in the stream. The bait has excellent flight specs, which allows the fisherman to make strong casts even with a strong headwind. A wide active game creates powerful vibrations in the water, provoking salmon to attack.

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Model River SALMON
Size 50 mm (1,97 in)
Weight 14 g (1/2 oz)

Color SIL/ GO

Item: ARS-50-14-SIL/GO

Price: $ 5.99

Color SIL

Item: ARS-50-14-SIL

Price: $ 5.99

Color GO/CU

Item: ARS-50-14-GO/CU

Price: $ 5.99


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