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AKARA «Arrow» 110 SP

Price: $ 6.99

Akara Arrow 110SP is a Suspension Minnow hard bait lure.

The lure is designed for twitching fishing for pike and bass. It performs an active play at stable speed and can be used successfully to fish for almost all kinds of predatory fish both in the current and in still water. Due to the magnetic system it has outstanding flying specs and performs great in the stream.

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Model Arrow 110 SP
Size 110 mm (4,3 in)
Weight 17 g (3/5 oz)

Color A84

Item: A110S-A84

Price: $ 6.99

Color A79

Item: A110S-A79

Price: $ 6.99

Color A77

Item: A110S-A77

Price: $ 6.99

Color A70

Item: A110S-A70

Price: $ 6.99

Color A134

Item: A110S-A134

Price: $ 6.99

Color A132

Item: A110S-A132

Price: $ 6.99

Color A125

Item: A110S-A125

Price: $ 6.99

Color A107

Item: A110S-A107

Price: $ 6.99

Color A1

Item: A110S-A1

Price: $ 6.99


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