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AKARA «Sly» 90 F

Price: $ 6.99

AKARA Sly 90F is one of the best catchable hard bait lures for shallow water. It performs great at any speed: aggressive, short and passive with long pauses. The lure has a magnetic system for casting, and can be cast further and more precise.

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Model Sly 90 F
Size 90 mm (3,5 in)
Weight 9 g (6/19 oz)

Color A89

Item: S90F-A89

Price: $ 6.99

Color A88

Item: S90F-A88

Price: $ 6.99

Color A84

Item: S90F-A84

Price: $ 6.99

Color A79

Item: S90F-A79

Price: $ 6.99

Color A72

Item: S90F-A72

Price: $ 6.99

Color A68

Item: S90F-A68

Price: $ 6.99

Color A59

Item: S90F-A59

Price: $ 6.99

Color A23

Item: S90F-A23

Price: $ 6.99


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