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Silicone bait AKARA Trout Time WORM 3 Tutti Frutti Scent

Price: $ 3.99

Akara Trout Time Worm 3 – silicone worm-slug shaped bait for trout. The bait is scented, because of the ribbed body, the bait spreads its scent attracting fish in the water. The bait is recommended to use on jig heads or single hooks.

We present a wide range of available colors to choose from for any fishing conditions.


Price per 1 package, 10 pcs in the package.

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Model WORM 3
Size 75 mm (2,95 in)

Color 02T

Item: W3-02T-FR-F10

Price: $ 3.99

Color 100

Item: W3-100-FR-F10

Price: $ 3.99

Color 420

Item: W3-420-FR-F10

Price: $ 3.99


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