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The Fin

Price: $ 9.95

The blank for this rod system is made of a durable, rigid fiberglass. Great for water over 20 feet, as it gives you the strongest hooksets of any of our palm rod selections.

The reel is made of high strength plastic with an open concept. It allows you to see your line and avoid tangles.&nbsp. A soft foam pad has been built into the reel to keep your jigs and rods tangle free while storing them between trips.

The drag system is a variable drag, that is initiated by pulling the line out. It can be set open to pull line out or closed completely for harder hook setting abilities.


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Item Length Diameter of the spool Price
UD-WINT-TK0025 270 mm (10.63 in) 60 mm (2.36 in) $ 9.95


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